Get these 5 horror games at terribly good prices

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The prices of highly rated horror games have dropped frighteningly low at’s online store. As a one-off bargain, you can now get four cinematic horror games to enjoy with friends along with a more family-friendly game for younger kids.

The price of the first part of ‘The Dark Pictures Anthology’ horror game series, ‘Man of Medan’, has dropped by 70%. It’s a visually beautiful horror-movie-like game where the player is tasked with making choices that affect the fates of the characters and the course of the story, often within a short time limit. In ‘Man of Medan’, young scuba divers are held hostage by pirates who force them to join them in their search for a mysterious treasure. Together, they find themselves on a drifting derelict vessel, where blood-curdling events begin to unfold.

Every choice you make in the game can have serious consequences that greatly impact the course of the story. Your choices determine who dies, who lives, and how the story of the mysterious treasure ship ends. ‘The Dark Pictures Anthology’ games can be played as a pair in front of a single TV or in groups of five online. When playing online, all players control different protagonists.

Currently, you can also get the second part of ‘The Dark Pictures Anthology’ subtitled ‘Little Hope’ at 30% off the regular price. This game’s structure is similar to ‘Man of Medan’: you’re in for a cinematic horror ride where the player’s choices directly affect the story and the fate of the characters. This time, the action centers around a group of college students trapped in the mysterious town of Little Hope after a bus crash. Soon, the ghosts of townsfolk tragically killed in ancient witch trials begin to haunt the students.

Although the games in ‘The Dark Pictures Anthology’ were made by the same developer and have a very similar look and feel, there are no links between them in terms of content. Each part tells a separate story, which is not directly linked to the previous or next game. So, if you find ‘Little Hope’ more interesting than ‘Man of Medan’, you can simply skip the first part. You won’t miss out on any important plotlines. By the way, ‘Little Hope’ can also be played as a pair in front of a single TV or in groups of five online.

Right now, you can also save 32% on the latest ‘The Dark Pictures Anthology’ game, ‘House of Ashes’. The game centers around a squad of soldiers who accidentally find themselves in the ancient ruins of the Akkadian Empire during the Iraq War in 2003. The player controls both US and Iraqi fighters, and not only visits the present day, but also a time period thousands of years ago. Once again, a lot depends on the player’s choices: all the characters may survive, but every last one could also draw their last breath.

Currently, you can also get the recently published ‘The Quarry’, the latest horror game from the developers of ‘The Dark Pictures Anthology’, 10 euros’ cheaper. The player’s task is to keep nine Hackett’s Quarry camp counselors alive, who are being menaced by supernatural creatures and bloodthirsty locals. As with the above games, it’s up to the player’s choice as to what happens and who lives and dies. ‘The Quarry’ can also be played together on a single TV, but online, this game can be enjoyed together by up to nine people.

While all the games mentioned so far are gory and therefore intended for adults, ‘Little Nightmares II’, which is currently 57% cheaper, is also suitable for younger players. It’s a side-scrolling platformer where the player has to help little Mono escape from an eerie city. The game’s main features include cunning puzzles and a dark atmosphere, but you won’t find any blood or grotesque death scenes here. That’s why ‘Little Nightmares II’ is the perfect game for younger members of the family to enjoy on their own or with their parents.