22 06, 2022

Get these 5 horror games at terribly good prices

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The prices of highly rated horror games have dropped frighteningly low at Punktid.com’s online store. As a one-off bargain, you can now get four cinematic horror games to enjoy with friends along with a more family-friendly game for younger kids. The price of the first part of ‘The Dark Pictures Anthology’ horror game series, ‘Man [...]

6 06, 2022

What’s new in the F1 2022 game?

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  The brand-new F1 2022 simulation game is set to drop on 1 July. You can pre-order the game here and get an especially sweet deal! Needless to say, the new Formula 1 simulator comes with a bunch of updates. Let’s take a look at what the new F1 2022 has to offer.  A brand-new [...]