Roblox Introduces Region-Locking for Gift Cards, Converting to Local Currency.

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Roblox has recently announced that user accounts will now be denominated based on the country in which they are registered. This means that any credits in users’ accounts will be converted to their local currency based on current exchange rates. As a result, any Roblox Gift Cards that do not match the local currency will no longer be usable.

However, in an update to the initial announcement, Roblox has clarified that digital Robux codes will still be redeemable globally. This will allow players to continue receiving gifts and contest winnings from outside their country.


In the official announcement sent to all players through the Messages section of their account menu, Roblox explained that the account denomination changes would take effect starting the week of April 24, 2023. Once the changes have been implemented, users will only be able to redeem gift cards in the same currency as their account.

This region-locking policy may pose challenges for some players, particularly those who have family members living abroad or content creators who want to hold international contests. The new policy may limit the ease and convenience of gifting cards and organizing global events for the Roblox community.

Although the reason behind the change is unclear, it could be a measure to combat fraudulent activities or maintain compliance with virtual currency regulations in different countries. In their announcement, Roblox advised users who wish to change their account’s denomination or have any gift card redemption issues to contact their support team.

As the Roblox community adjusts to this new policy, it remains to be seen if further clarifications or adjustments will be made in response to user feedback.

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