Minecraft Legends: What Players Can Expect From the Game

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The new video game Minecraft Legends in the strategy genre will allow a player to reveal all the new world’s secrets. You have to unite with allies and take part in the heroic battle against Piglins. They decided to capture the Upper World and destroy it completely. 

The developers intend to release the game as early as 2023, as the official website indicates. Now we know about the release of several versions of Minecraft Legends Xbox, Minecraft Legends PS5, Minecraft Legends PS4, and Minecraft Legends PC. Support for the Nintendo Switch is also announced. The game will be available for pre-order and pre-purchase in Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine, the USA and other European countries. 

Minecraft Legends News         

The upcoming project can now be judged by the first teaser presented by the developer Mojang. The teaser provides a small overview of the future gameplay and the new universe in the pixel world. The first images suggest that the video game is made in the style of animated cinema. Other projects in the Minecraft universe were released on Steam in a similar genre.

The new game will tell about the unification of the inhabitants of the Upper World aiming to stop the invasion of predatory pigs. According to the legend, the main character, who you control, will be able to unite the inhabitants of the Upper World and direct them to the right path.

Minecraft Legends

Interestingly, the negative characters in the new Minecraft Legends game take a completely different side. So, the hero will lead an army of creepers, zombies and skeletons. The enemies were forced to forget old grudges to get together and send the pigs back to the Nether.

Features of the Gameplay New Minecraft Legends Game

All game versions – Minecraft Legends Xbox, Minecraft Legends PS5, Minecraft Legends PS4, and Minecraft Legends PC will have the same plot. The graphics will also not differ due to the animated design.

The developers promise to announce the release dates and the start of pre-orders for these platforms later. After that, you can buy the game online in our online shop Punktid, on Steam and in the official console stores.

In the new game, the land world will be divided into biomes. This is already a classic feature of all games in the Minecraft universe. But it has not gone without changes. According to Minecraft Legends news, the following innovations can be noted:

  • Completely new combat system;
  • Adding strategy elements;
  • Redesigned crafting and building system.

In the new video game, you will have to travel worldwide, collect resources, find allies, fight pigs and build bases. Another game feature is moving around the biomes on a mount. This will significantly speed up the process of exploring the game world.

In the first trailer, only one mount was shown – a horse. But the closer the game release and the start of pre-sales is, the more information about the project appears. So, there will be several animals, including a panther. 

You can travel the world of the new Minecraft Legends game with others. You will be able to make friends among the mobs. These will be badgers and llamas. They will follow you and help you gather resources.

Another innovation is the mob generator. After creating it, you will be able to make hostile mobs. With the help of them, you can assemble your army to fight with pigs. Hostile groups will not only be able to resist. If necessary, you can give them orders to build the required buildings.

What Types of Characters Will Be Available in New Minecraft Legends

In addition to classic mobs, several original legendary characters will appear in the new video game. Some can become part of your team. Others will have to be fought.

Some of the classic characters are:

  1. Villagers. They will give a player various tasks and assignments.
  2. Creepers. The main character will be able to give them different instructions.
  3. Golems. Each type of golem will have its own strengths, which can be used to your advantage.

According to the developers, stone golems will be especially useful for destroying enemy buildings. But the plank golems that spew projectiles will become faithful assistants in killing enemies.

The pig army will also undergo some changes. In particular, the developers plan to divide all evil characters into “Hordes.” Each horde will have its characteristics. This way, the Bastion horde will be able to build defensive structures well.


Will There Be Multiplayer in New Minecraft Legends?

The project developers have confirmed that Minecraft Legends Xbox, Minecraft Legends PS5, Minecraft Legends PS4 and Minecraft Legends PC will have multiplayer. How exactly it will work still needs to be clarified. 

Who is Developing a New Game?

The development of a new project is being carried out not only by Mojang. Also there is the Blackbird Interactive studio among the developers, which has released several exciting projects, including Hardspace: Shipbreaker and Crossfire: Legion.

What Will Minecraft Legends Be About?

After you pre-order and buy an online game in the Punktid game store, you will need to battle with a horde of evil pigs. The game will have a completely redesigned crafting and building system.

Is Minecraft Legends Going to Be Free?

The game was not developed for free distribution. Anyone who buys an online game will get the opportunity to get into a beautiful world that one can only imagine. Your purchase will be worth it.

Can I Pre-Order Minecraft Legends?

You can pre-order and make a pre-purchase in our game shop as soon as the official release date is announced. Most often, pre-order games can be bought online at a discount. Sign up for our newsletter to be updated. 

Is Minecraft Legends Going to Be Multiplayer?

The developers have announced the development of a multiplayer mode.

What is Minecraft Legends Release Date?

The exact release date in Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine, the USA and other European countries is unknown. The developers promise to release the game in 2023. Sign up for our newsletter to be updated.