F1 Manager 2022: Why Play an F1 Game Where You Can’t Even Race?

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F1 Manager 2022: Why Play an F1 Game Where You Can’t Even Race?

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On August 25, a brand new F1 game, F1 Manager 2022, will release, which will be significantly different from the usual F1 series of games. If the recently launched F1 22 puts the player in the driver’s seat, then in F1 Manager you are the boss of your own F1 team.

However, don’t think that getting your team from zero to the top of the F1 racing world will be easy or boring. We will list three reasons why you should give an F1 game where you can’t take the driver’s seat yourself a chance.

Build your dream team

In F1 Manager you won’t become an F1 driver, but a team leader who must keep an eye on absolutely everything and ensure the success of the team. This means that your job is not only to manage what is happening on the racetrack, but also what is happening on the sidelines. Of course, you have to find the best driver for your team and continuously develop their skills, but the same goes for engineers, the pit crew and other support staff.

You will choose which F1, F2, and F3 drivers will be racing in your team. Here the numbers game is important – younger drivers develop faster than older ones, but more seasoned drivers have more valuable experience. Take a look at stats such as smoothness and control that dictate the extent to which a driver will adhere to the management’s commands. Cornering and braking are more directly involved with racing and reflect how the driver performs on the racetrack.

In addition to drivers, you are also in charge of hiring support staff with different strengths and weaknesses. You will undoubtedly want to build a team with good stats in the communication category, because this is the only way information can flow efficiently within the team. It is also important to give pit crew feedback so that changing tires and refuelling can be done faster and without any problems. Both drivers and the support staff can be trained to improve their performance.

Build a race car worthy of the championship title

It is as clear as day that a driver can’t win by solely relying on a strong support team. You’ll need the best race car that can leave all the competitors in the dust and bring home the championship. F1 Manager 2022 puts you in charge of choosing which car your team’s drivers will be racing.

It’s possible to manage the development of the car from start to finish. You can choose between car parts, spare parts, and tires. All the different components of the car can be further upgraded to improve their performance. It’s your choice whether you want to build an F1 car that can drive fast, manoeuvre well, or be a good all-rounder. However, a decent balance may not always be the best option as then your vehicle cannot handle anything particularly well. It is better to find a niche for yourself and change it up if need be.

Keeping up with the changes that occur during the season is important because, like real F1, changes to rules and regulations may suddenly take effect in F1 Manager. A car that you previously racked up wins with may now be forbidden from the racetrack entirely. Always be ready to redesign your F1 car and know that the rules of the game can change at any moment.

Root for your team during intense races

In F1 Manager, you’re the team boss, but that doesn’t mean that races have no place in the game at all. On the contrary, epic F1 battles can be watched in real time through a camera eye that mimics TV broadcasts. There are also commentators voiced by professionals who commentate on real F1 races.

Races don’t exist in F1 Manager just for mere eye-candy. From start to finish, you manage your driver’s every move as well as the work of your support team and pit crew. Keep an eye on the weather conditions and let your drivers know when to change tires at the right moment. Establish a strategy that dictates the order of pit stops and your drivers’ racing style during different stages of racing. 

However, it’s worth remembering that everything can’t be planned in advance. Accidents should also be taken into account, especially if your or your rival’s skills aren’t up to par. Weather can also be an instant game changer, which requires the player to be able to change their strategy on the go and quickly implement new plans.