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Best games and gift card offers on winter sale 2022/2023

Winter’s coming and so is a winter sale on video games/gift cards. It’s the most wonderful time of the year to stock up on cheap computer games deals for both your own use and presents for friends and family.

Punktid is a gaming retail platform and we’ve prepared a brief overview of the winter sale of 2022/2023. Read on to find out more about winter discounts for Nintendo, XBOX, and Playstation (PS4, PS5) game consoles.
h2Winter sale 2022/2023
Computer games online stores usually roll out the second stage of gaming deals approximately one month after Black Friday. Both in Europe and the USA, winter discounts start somewhere in the last 2 weeks of December and continue in the first week of January. Video games/gift cards are the best buy during this time but many other gaming products will be also sold at reduced prices. What’s more, some retail gaming platforms offer even lower prices compared to November.

There’s no need to go to physical stores and wait in queues. You can order online those PSN gift cards or XBOX gift cards and receive them in a few days. You can also check beforehand what video games/gift cards are available on a particular website and create your wishlist. So that when the winter sale starts, you’re not lost or confused by all the deals. Once the discounts roll out - just double-check your list and prices, order online, and you’re ready to go!
h2What to get during winter discounts: Gift Cards or Games?
Video games/gift cards are the cheapest products during winter discounts. The prices drop down between 30-80%. No matter if you’re only starting to build your gaming collection or only want to add new items to your already existing one, the winter sale is an excellent chance to do so. Any gamer will be able to find their best buy for various consoles - Playstation (PS4 and PS5), XBOX, and Nintendo. There are plenty of discounted items to choose from: bundles, games, skins, electronics, and many more.

One more piece of advice is to compare deals across different gaming websites and platforms. That is, while one online store will be selling the cheapest PSN gift cards in the EU, another one will have good offers for XBOX gift cards across the USA. The same goes for all kinds of PC video games/gift cards.

Finally, buy only from trusted retailers who are selling real gaming items. Otherwise, you’re risking losing your funds and receiving some fake or low-quality game or invalid gift card instead.

Winter sale is a major event in the gaming world as winter discounts go live on almost all products, such as consoles, video games, subscriptions, electronics, etc. There are no golden rules about what one must get during a winter season sale to save money. Indeed, grab what you can - and brag about your best buy later.

Punktid also joins this year’s December price reduction. We are decreasing prices on all the items available on our website. We will have 3 waves of discounts starting from the middle of December. Check our offers and enjoy those best gaming deals.


Is there going to be a winter Punktid sale?

Yes, we’ve prepared some generous offers for the winter sale of 2022. There will be 3 waves of discounts from mid-December till the beginning of January next year. Check our website to stay updated.

How long is the Punktid winter sale 2022?

This year we will have 3 waves of discounts so that all gamers can get their favorite games at reduced prices. Wave 1 - up to 35% off on 16-22.12, wave 2 - up to 70% off on 22-29.12, and wave 3 - up to 90% off on 29-5.01.23. Save these dates not to miss a great price reduction on our website.

Will there be a winter sale on steam games?

As usual, Steam rolls out discounts in late December on their gaming products. The deals should be available on the platform until the first week of 2023 so that every gamer has an opportunity to get the needed items or games at lower prices. Games should be down to 80%, just as it was back in 2021.

Will there be a sale on PlayStation games?

Currently, there’s no information about winter deals on this gaming platform. Playstation for sure rolls out discounts in November but, unfortunately, we don’t know about December or the following winter months as of now. So, the end of autumn can be the only chance to stock up on cheap games this year.

Will there be a sale on XBOX games?

The prices on these games are significantly reduced during the past 2 months of the year. The largest reductions are usually during the Black Friday week but you can also get some good offers even in December if some products are not sold out. It’s best to monitor the official website for any updates on this.

Will there be a sale on PC games?

Yes, these games will be sold at reduced prices this November during Black Friday. However, not all retailers continue their discounts till December or January. But if you’re lucky, you might get your best buys even at the end of the year.

Will there be a sale on PlayStation Gift Cards?

The prices for PSN gift cards, just like for other gaming products, also go down by the end of the year. Check the best deals with different gaming platforms and grab the one that’s the most beneficial for you. Don’t forget to check games and electronics too.

Will there be a sale on XBOX Gift Cards?

Yes, they will be sold at huge discounts these months. One can get the best offers from both an official website and retail gaming platforms. Just check a few different websites and choose the one with the best prices.

Will there be a sale on PC Gift Cards?

Great price reductions will also affect these gift cards in November-December this year. No need to worry if you miss autumn offers - you can still get your cheap games in early winter. Meanwhile, you can start checking prices on different platforms and creating your gaming wishlist.

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