5 best VR games to play in 2023

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What are the best VR games you can play in 2023? Here’s a list of 5 VR games you can enjoy right now, all offering uniquely different and high-quality gaming experiences for VR enthusiasts.

Job Simulator VR

Games are meant to help relax and take the edge off after a long day at work, so why are we talking about a video game that simulates the stress of going to work? That’s because even though Job Simulator sounds like serious work, it’s actually one of the most engaging and funniest VR games you will ever play.

In Job Simulator VR, you are an exposition in a museum run by robots. Your mechanical masters will have you performing a number of jobs to showcase how humans spend their time. During your time at the museum, you can transform into an “Office Worker”, an “Auto Mechanic”, a “Gourmet Chef” and a “Store Clerk”. Of course, there’s nothing super serious about performing these jobs: as a chef, you can throw any ingredients on a pizza that are within reach of your VR hands. When working as a car mechanic, attach any parts you want to the vehicle you’re repairing. The game does not penalize you for not following orders, and doing your own thing will often lead to funny and unexpected outcomes.

Batman Arkham VR

Have you ever wanted to don the night-black cowl of Batman and become the world’s greatest detective? Batman Arkham VR allows you to do just that in order to solve a mysterious crime. Your trusty sidekicks, Nightwing and Robin, have disappeared without a trace, and as the Dark Knight, it is your job to find them.

Since the game is played in first person, you truly get the sensation of seeing the world through the eyes of Batman. You can interact with various objects around the world and use items by picking them up from Batman’s utility belt. That means you can throw batarangs, use the famous grappling gun and even bust out the forensic scanner to analyze clues around the crime scene. Batman Arkham VR, is first and foremost, a puzzle game and does not focus on combat, which allows players to get to know Batman as a brilliant detective rather than a brawler. So put on your thinking hat (or cowl) and find your friends! They’re counting on you.

Superhot VR

While there’s also a non-virtual-reality version of Superhot out there, the game really is worth experiencing in VR. The action becomes so much more intense and visceral, as Superhot uses VR technology really well to elevate an already excellent game. Playing Superhot in VR will almost certainly be one of the most intense gaming experiences you have ever been a part of.

Your objective is to clear out all the enemies on the level. The baddies keep trying to shoot, stab, punch and kill you by other means. Killing you is extremely easy, as you go down after only one single hit. Here’s the catch: everything on the level moves only when you move. This means that there might be a number of bullets whizzing towards you, but as long as you stay still, they’re not getting any closer. This mechanic allows you to pause in the middle of an intense fight, plan your next move, avoid damage and take out enemies in style. It can take a couple of tries to beat any given level, but once you do, you’re treated to a slick replay which makes you look like a VR John Wick. You might take out an enemy with a well-thrown pool ball, grab a gun he drops mid-air, shoot two other enemies, throw the gun to take out a third baddie, and finish off the final guy by smashing a bottle across his head. And you do all this by narrowly dodging bullets, punches and anything else the bad guys throw at you. Superhot VR really makes you feel like an action god.

House Flipper VR

Fully renovating a run-down house (or actually even owning a house) is starting to look like an unattainable dream for many people in today’s economy. This is where House Flipper VR enters the limelight to save the day. Not only can you turn dilapidated hovels into gorgeous homes, you can also sell these beautifully renovated properties for ridiculously high prices. If you can’t beat the real estate market, you might as well join it!

House Flipper VR lets you methodically rebuild, renovate and decorate houses that have seen better days. Use your tools to manually rip up the floors and replace them with new ones. Grab a massive hammer and smash down those old walls to create more spacious rooms. Paint walls, tile floors and clean up all the garbage and dirt to make sure you can charge top dollar for your hard work. After you’re done with construction, you’re also free to pick out the most beautiful furniture and decorate the houses exactly the way you see fit. After all the work is done, flip the house and make a massive profit to have an even bigger budget to spend on your next renovation project. At least you don’t have to worry about the real estate bubble popping in House Flipper VR, so you can just keep on making even bigger profits until the end of time!

Killing Floor: Incursion VR

If you’re looking for a story-driven action game that can be played in VR, you should definitely try out “Killing Floor: Incursion”. You will be playing through a fully directed and narrated campaign revolving around monsters known as Zeds and the mysterious Horizon Corporation. Find out where the violent Zeds come from and what connects them to Horizon as you play through the five-stage campaign.

You don’t have to fight the Zed menace alone, though. While “Incursion” can be played as a single-player game, it also supports co-op, allowing two people to play the game together in VR from start to finish. Make sure the friend you’re taking along for the ride isn’t squeamish about blood, though. “Incursion” does not hold back when it comes to gore: the Zeds can be dismembered in various ways, and they explode in bloody geysers as they die. If you’re more interested in the combat than the story, you can always try out the Holdout mode, which pits you against endless waves of frenzied enemies. This can be played in co-op, too, which should make clearing out the most difficult waves a bit easier.