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Changing you Xbox region

Check if your region is in line with Microsoft's requirements. You are able to find the list of regions from the bottom of the following link:
You are able to check your own region from the registration information of your Xbox account.


You are able to change the region by doing the following:
*Log in to your Xbox account on page
*From there choose and press the button "My account" or "My account" - "Activity center"-"My profile"
*From the right side of the page you will find "Change Xbox account region". Proceed with the security check and change the region to a suitable one.


In addition to the previous steps you might also want to double check your billing information. "My account" - "Payment & billing" - "Billing info", then choose "Change billing address" and enter a valid address. If you are registering yourself in region you do not actually live in then a lot of people enter addresses for well known places, such as a local embassy.

You may also try the following:
• Go to
• Log in with the account you would like to migrate to a different region.
• Click "Next".
• On the page "Moving your Xbox Live account" choose the region you would like to migrate your account to and click "Accept"


More information: "Account migration"

NB! Please note that you are only able to change your region once in every 3 months. This means that if you changed your region to a wrong region then you have to wait 3 months before you are able to change it again. If you do not wish to wait for 3 months then you may register a completely new account and register it in the correct region straight away.