Referral programme|Earn money from a friend's purchase
  • 5 hours 18 min ago
    Lauri bought
    EU Nintendo 15 Euro eShop Gift Card
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    Lauri bought
    EU Nintendo 25 Euro eShop Gift Card
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    priit bought
    USA Xbox 25 Dollar Gift Card
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    Lauri bought
    USA Xbox 20 Dollar Gift Card
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    Danel bought
    UK Steam 25 Pound Gift Card
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    USA PSN 25 USD Gift Card
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    IASONAS bought
    NBA 2K23 (PC)
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    Roblox Game Card USD 10

Referral programme

From now on, you can earn money from your friends' purchases! 

Create your own personal referral link to send to your friends. Every user who registers through this link will be permanently added to your account and in the future you earn money on all their purchases!

In order for a friend to be motivated to join through your link, we also have a gift for him - everyone who joins through a referral link gets theirs 10% discount on the first purchase!


Your invited friend will get a 10% discount on their first purchase!


How to create your own referral link?

Earn up to 5% credit on every purchase of your friends

To activate the referral link, you must:

• Make a purchase of at least €5 - it would be a bit difficult to trust recommendations from someone who has not used our service. Therefore, you cannot activate your referral link until you have made a purchase of at least €5. Then you yourself know exactly how our e-shop works and it is easier to recommend it to your friends.

• Confirm your phone number - you don't have to be afraid that we will call you, confirming the number is important only to verify your account. One phone number can only be used in one user account.


You can find more information in your user account: