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Punktid 30€ Gift Card

Buy Online: Punktid 30€ Gift Card

The code will be sent to your e-mail address as soon as possible.

After adding products to your cart go to the Shopping Cart and click „Start payment“. Then you will be able to enter the gift code to the box „Coupon code“ and the value of the gift card will be automatically subtracted from your purchase sum.


If your purchase sum is higher than the value of the gift card then choose the payment option most suitable for you and pay for the remaining amount.


The perfect gift for any gamer!

The world of gaming is vast and exciting, but for those who are not immersed in it themselves, it can sometimes be difficult to navigate in this world.
Video games are available for a variety of devices and platforms, and many products are even subject to regional restrictions, which means that when blindly choosing a gift for a gamer, you run the risk of buying a product that the recipient will not actually be able to use.

This makes a Punktid.com gift card the best gift for any video game fan!

We offer a selection of PC games and Nintendo Switch games, as well as Steam, Xbox, and PlayStation cash cards, allowing gamers to choose between thousands of games available on these platforms. And we also have Amazon, Google Play, and iTunes gift cards available that are equally valuable to non-gamers.
Our online store gift card can be redeemed for any of hundreds of different products, saving you the trouble of having to figure out what the recipient already has in their video game library or which region their PlayStation or Xbox account is located in.

How can I collect the gift card?

You can collect your gift card immediately after payment, 24/7! After you have completed the payment, we will send a unique gift code link to your e-mail address. Follow this link to create a voucher by clicking on the gift box icon next to the code. If you wish, you can also enter a little poem on the voucher or just a few nice words :). Then you can save the voucher and print it out.

Important details

  • Punktid.com gift cards are valid for 1 year after purchase.
  • Currently, only one gift card can be used at a time – if you wish to merge your gift cards, please contact our customer support.
  • All gift cards are single-use only and any unused money will not be refunded.
  • Gift cards cannot be exchanged for cash.

Why should I prefer punktid.com e-store?

  • Price – thanks to our digital delivery we can skip the delivery and packaging costs which allows us to sell the games under the recommended retail price.
  • Trustworthiness – We have thousands of positive feedbacks in Trustpilot and our average rating is 5/5. We always do our best to make the experience as smooth and fast as possible for our customers.
  • Experience – We have been on the market since 2009 and know everything about gaming so we can help you with pretty much every question. And even if we don’t know – we’ll find out and try to help you anyway!
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