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What is a PSN gift card?


A PSN (PlayStation Network) gift card is a prepaid card that allows you to add money to your PlayStation Network account. PSN Gift Cards are a popular option for gamers who want to make purchases on the PlayStation Store without using a credit or debit card. They offer convenience and flexibility, allowing users to purchase content without having to add their own card details to their account. In addition, it is a great way to control your or your child's spending on games.


Each gift card has a specific monetary value. Once you have redeemed the gift card code on your PSN account, the corresponding amount will be added to your balance. You can then use this balance to purchase digital content from the PlayStation Store, such as games, downloadable content (DLC), PlayStation Plus subscriptions, movies and more.


Gift cards only work in the region of the account corresponding to the card. This means that if you have registered your PSN account under UK, you must use UK PSN cards.


Popular PSN regions:

Other regions:


What is PlayStation Plus?


If you have successfully loaded money into your PSN account, you can get, for example, PlayStation Plus membership time, which is a very valuable service for every PlayStation console owner.

Sony PlayStation Plus membership offers essential services to PS5 and PS4 owners, such as online multiplayer, cloud storage and loads of downloadable games. Users can choose from three different plans that can be paid for either on a monthly or yearly basis.

The most affordable plan is PS Plus Essential, which provides the user with the ability to play online, cloud storage and free monthly games. However, you need the more expensive PlayStation Plus Extra or Premium plan to unlock access to the game library. PlayStation Plus Premium also includes streaming on PS5, PS4 and PC, so you don't have to wait for games to install before you can start playing.


Read more on the PlayStation website.


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