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Payment methods

Our payment methods vary by country. Local payments through your bank may be available, you can see the full list of your personal payment options in the shopping cart. 

The international options we offer to all customers:

         google pay apple pay mastercard visa payments

Card payments / Google Pay / Apple Pay

You can pay faster since your card info is stored in the digital wallet and you don’t need to enter card details with each purchase. 



1. Simply create a PayPal account and link a payment method like your bank, credit, and/or debit cards.
2. When you check out, just look for the PayPal button.
3. Log into PayPal and speed through checkout securely with just an email and password.

Payment limit applies! 

            bank transfer.jpg

Bank transfer

Once you have confirmed your order an invoice will be sent to your email address. You are then able to pay the invoice in a bank most suitable for you. Be sure to add your order number to you payment details. In order to speed up the process you may send us a confirmation of payment from your bank in a .PDF format to [email protected].



DIGITAL DELIVERYCodes will be sent to your email
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