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What is Punktid?

 Punktid Technologies AS owns and develops Estonia’s largest online sales environment for video games, Nintendo, PlayStation and Xbox digital codes, where professional support is offered in the national language of the target country of the video game buyer for both beginners and experienced gamers. In addition to Estonia, the sales environment chain is also managed in Latvia, Lithuania, Finland, Germany and Ukraine, as well as in international English- and Russian-speaking sales environments. 

The mission of Punktid is the desire to ensure that the entire digital game world is accessible to every person with just a few clicks, and to help reduce the negative impact on the environment associated with the delivery of physical products.

  •  We have been operating for over 10 years
  •  We have over 80,000 satisfied customers
  •  Punktid has customers from 109 different countries
  • In 2019 in “Baltic E-Commerce UX Summit” we won the title of “People’s Favorite” at the conference of user-friendly e-shops
  •  The average rating of our service by customers is 4.6/5

Why invest?

Since our IPO in May 2022, we have consistently achieved our stated goals, meeting our annual targets in just six months and setting a group-wide turnover record.

Given the declining economy and market conditions in January 2023, we reversed course back to profitability, achieving it by the third quarter of that year.
In April 2023, we fulfilled the largest goal of raising funds with the IPO and opened a completely new system, whose true potential to realize growth is now beginning to justify itself.

By focusing exclusively on digital products, our platform is more easily scalable than usual. The gaming industry is forecast to continue to see strong growth, and our long history and modern platform is an ideal foundation for expansion and growth in new markets.

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Punktid Techonologies AS adoption of a shareholders’ resolution without calling a meeting
Adoption of the shareholders’ resolution of Punktid  
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Supply volume
The offer includes a total of up to 300,000 Punktid ordinary shares in the amount of up to EUR 1.35 million.
Punktid shares are offered for subscription at a price of 4.50 euros for each share
The offer period begins
19th of April 2022, at 10:00 (Estonian time)
The offer period ends
29th of April 2022, at 16:00 (Estonian time)
Announcement of the offers’ results*
2nd of May 2022 or thereabouts
Making settlements related to the offer*
5th of May 2022 or thereabouts
The first day of trading on the alternative market First North*
19th of May 2022 or thereabouts
*Please note that the dates are indicative and may change.

This information is an advertisement for Punktid shares and cannot be considered as a recommendation or an invitation to buy or subscribe to shares. The issuer’s business name is Punktid and the issuer is registered in the Estonian Business Register with registry code 16158335. Before a potential investor makes an investment decision, they must read the information contained in the official company description. The public offering of Punktid shares will be carried out only in Estonia in accordance with the provisions of Article 3(2)(b) of Regulation (EU) 2017/1129 of the European Parliament and of the Council (“Prospectus Regulation”) and Section 15(1) of the Securities Market Act of the Republic of Estonia (VPTS), according to which there is no need to disclose of the public offer prospectus in the event that the total value of the public offer of securities is up to 2.5 million euros during the one-year period of the offer of securities. Punktid Shares are not offered in any other jurisdiction. The Issuer has not taken and does not intend to take any steps to register the Shares, the Offer or the Company Description or to permit the distribution of the Company Description or Shares in any jurisdiction other than Estonia.

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