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Frequently Asked Questions


Do I have to register an account to make purchases?

No, you do not- you are able to make orders on our web page without ever having to register as a user.

How will I receive the product?

All of our products are digital and will be sent to your email address once you have completed your order. A digital code will be sent to your email address which you will then be able to activate in the required program or page (you can see more specific instructions for every product under „Code activation guide“) and legally download the game you have purchased.

How fast will I receive the product?

All products in stock will be sent to your email automatically right after you have made the payment. It may take up to 30 minutes for the email to reach you, depending on your internet speed and load. Products that are not currently in stock will be sent to you on first chance, usually within an hour.

How can I see the current status of my order?

You are able to see all of your orders if you register yourself as a user and log in to your account. You also have the option to resend emails with codes to yourself. You are able to do it here:

Am I able to see orders I have made in the past?

In case you have already made orders from our web site and then decide to register yourself as a user by using the same email address then you are able to see all of your previous orders by logging in to your account.

Do you send out physical copies of the games?

Unfortunately not, all of the physical boxes and instructions are destroyed after scanning. In order to offer the fastest possible delivery time we only offer digital delivery.

Can I purchase codes as a gift?

Of course! All of the codes can be put on a printable voucher. You can create the voucher by clicking on the gift icon next to the redeem code. 


How can I pay for the order?

You are able to see all of our payment methods here:

I paid via bank transfer but still haven’t received my code?

All payments made through payments links are transferred to us automatically. However, if the payment is made by bank transfer then the transfer time depends on your bank and holidays. To speed up the process you may send us a copy of your payment (taken from your bank) here:

I paid via bank link, the code was in stock but I still haven’t received it?

First be sure to check the spam folder of your emails- it may happen that the code ended up there. Also, always be sure to press the „Back to merchant“ button in your bank, otherwise the bank is not able to send us a confirmation about your payment and your order will not be completed. If you still have not received it, contact us here:

Bonus Program

How can I earn store credit?

In order to earn credit you must register an account on our web site. After this you will earn credit from your purchases even when you are not logged in to your account. You just have to make your orders using the same email address you registered.

How can I use the credit on my account?

In order to use the bonus credit you have to be logged in to your account when making a purchase. You will then have a chance to use your credit in the shoppint cart.

I have an account but did not get any bonus for my purchase?

You will not earn bonus if:
* You have partially or fully paid for the purchase using bonus credit
* You have used a discount code when making the order
* You did not make the order using an email address registered on's web site
* You bought a product that is excluded from our bonus system. You can see all the excluded products here: