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Our team responds to customers the fastest through the chat window at the times indicated there. The history of the conversation is preserved for both of us.

Contact us via the chat window by adding the following information:

  • Order number [You can find your order number from the order confirmation e-mail or your payment transaction history]

  • Email address of your account in Punktid [if you have one]


If you have an incorrect activation code, you will need to open a support ticket about the issue. You can do this by clicking on the red flag under the activation code. All information is then forwarded to the seller who sold the code.

When creating a ticket, it is essential to include all necessary screenshots in full screen size.

For more information how to place a complaint, please read information here: How to place a complaint when the activation code does not work | Punktid Blog  

DIGITAL DELIVERYCodes will be sent to your email
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