What’s new in the F1 2022 game?

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F1 2022 (PC)


The brand-new F1 2022 simulation game is set to drop on 1 July. You can pre-order the game here and get an especially sweet deal!

Needless to say, the new Formula 1 simulator comes with a bunch of updates. Let’s take a look at what the new F1 2022 has to offer. 

A brand-new circuit and cars

In addition to well-known and loved F1 circuits, the F1 2022 also introduces an all-new circuit: the Miami International Autodrome, the inaugural race of which only took place in the beginning of this May. Recent real-life track modifications to the circuits in Spain, Abu Dhabi and Australia are also all included in the game. This means you can have a true-to-life virtual experience of racing on real-world F1 circuits.

In addition to changes in circuits, the game also introduces new cars. Following the new rules and regulations of Formula 1, the cars in the F1 2022 game are now shorter and narrower. If you think this is a minor change that no one is going to notice, think again! Changes made to the F1 cars directly influence how they perform on the track. Therefore, even experienced players will have to adapt to the new driving style and some of their old tricks may no longer lead to victory even when racing on familiar tracks.

A game for both newcomers and long-time fans

More than ever, the new F1 2022 game takes players’ different skill levels into account. The returning My Team game mode offers more choices this time around, making the game more accessible to newcomers. For example, it allows players to choose the starting budget for their F1 team based on three entry points – Newcomer, Challenger and Front Runner. This, on the one hand, offers more challenging gameplay to veterans, but on the other, allows new players to experience the game at their own speed and skill level.

With players’ different skill levels in mind, the F1 2022 game features an AI system which controls the behaviour of AI racers. Adaptive AI, as the name suggests, adapts the opponents’ skill level according to the skill level of the player. If you are a Formula 1 veteran, the game will recognise it and you will be racing against experienced professionals. However, those who are playing F1 2022 for the first time will be able to race less competitive AI racers. This guarantees that all F1 2022 players will get the best gameplay experience possible.

A completely new addition to the game is the F1 Life mode. This mode allows players to have their own virtual headquarters where they can display the supercars, clothing and other accessories that they unlock in game. F1 Life gives players a taste of the glamorous lifestyle of an F1 driver.  

And these are only some of the new features added to the F1 2022 game. If you have a powerful PC and purchase the F1 2022 game, you can also race in VR using Oculus Rift or HTC Vive. In addition, the 10-year career mode, two-player option, and the epic online multiplayer mode are also coming back. Looks like the new game has something to offer to everyone – newbies and seasoned veterans alike.