How to place a complaint when the activation code does not work

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If you are having issues with your activation code, to place a complaint is required.

Please follow the steps below to place a complaint:

Step 1: In order to create a complaint, you need to have a registered account with us. The button for registration can be found on the upper-right corner of the page.

     create a new account

Note: Please make sure to verify your email address upon registration.

Step 2: Once the account has been created, go to your account on the upper-right corner and select “Orders”.



Step 3: From there, select the order in which you received the faulty code and click “Get key”.

Get key

Step 4: A new window will open with your license key. Scroll down and find the link that says “Report a problem with key”.

report a problem with key

Step 5: You will be forwarded to the complaint creation page. Select a language and specify the problem with your code.
It is required to upload the following pictures:

  • How you’re entering the code
  • Error message displayed
  • Previously activated products on that platform

Note: You can upload up to 4 files, but only 3 of them are mandatory. Please ensure to take a full-page screenshot.


report a problem with key\


Step 6: Describe your problem in more detail and submit the complaint.

choose files to upload

Once the complaint has been created, our support team will forward it to the seller we got the license key from to find a solution to your problem.